Chieri Kubota

Research Interests

Chieri Kubota is a professor at the School of Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona. Dr. Kubota’s research focus area is Controlled Environment Agriculture and she works on CEA technology development by applying her expertise in applied plant physiology, ecophysiology, and greenhouse engineering.Dr. Kubota has published 71 peer-reviewed journal papers, 40 peer-reviewed technical articles, 17 book chapters, and edited four books. Much of her work is based on interdisciplinary collaborations nationally and internationally. Her current projects include evaluation of plant responses under LED lighting in greenhouse; developing a new lighting technique to manipulate plant morphology and quality; improving production and distribution techniques of grafted vegetable seedlings; and urban greenhouse and plant factory applications. Dr. Kubota worked synergistically with research groups in nutritional science, plant pathology, biochemistry, engineering and agricultural economics.