Eliot M Herman

Research Interests

Eliot M Herman, Ph.D is a Professor in the School of Plant Sciences, CALS, and Bio5 Institute, University of Arizona. Dr. Herman’s primary research emphasis is directed at discovering how seeds specify composition that is enabling technology to produce enhanced food and feed and to use seeds to produce protein biologics including industrial enzymes and medically-active proteins. Current on-going projects include a NIH-funded project for the production of human epidermal growth factor to mitigate post-partum neonatal necrotic endocolitis and an industry-funded project to investigate how reprogramming the soybean seed transcriptome can be used to produce seeds with enhanced composition. Among Dr. Herman’s career accomplishments includes the discovery of the soybean protein that is the immunodominant neonatal allergen (P34/Gly m Bd 30k) that has subsequently been shown to be a significant feed allergen in neonatal swine. Dr. Herman led producing the first transgenic removed a major human food allergen by suppressing P34/Gly m Bd30k. This accomplishment resulted in numerous international print and electronic media and in the award to Dr. Herman of the USDA’s highest award by the Secretary of Agriculture in 2004. To expand potential use of allergen nulls Dr. Herman led a survey of the entire national soybean collection to isolate a conventional null that has been bred into agronomic lines and provide an equivalent low allergen content non-transgenic soybean. Dr. Herman has 118 articles and chapters and has presented in numerous domestic and international forums. He has served as NSF program director, member of grant panels for DOE, USDA, NIH, NIST, US-Israel BARD, US-AID, NSF, NSERC in Canada. He has been a visiting scientist in the Japan and Israel and has served as a Science Fellow in the US Embassy in Sweden where he was involved in policy of genetically modified crops working with the US foreign agriculture service and State Department in the Nordic and Baltic nations. Dr. Herman is a Fellow of AAAS and Explorers Club. Keywords: Crops Engineering enhancing-nutritional content