Jeremiah Hackett

Research Interests

Jeremiah Hackett, PhD, holds research interests in genome evolution and genomics. He is interested in how genomes change their gene content, structure and complexity over evolutionary time. Much of eukaryotic genome diversity exists within the protists, such as the remarkable nucleosome-free genomes of dinoflagellates, and other examples including the macro- and micro- nuclear system in ciliates, the binucleate diplomonads, and the kinetoplastids of trypanosomes. Many of these organisms are fundamentally important in the ecology of the oceans and of profound importance to ocean health and global climate. The tools and techniques developed and proven using model systems can be applied to these understudied groups to understand their evolution and begin to unravel the complex but vital role these organisms play in marine ecosystems. Dr. Hackett’s lab uses genomic tools to investigate genome evolution and address major ecological problems in the oceans.