Michael Hammer

Research Interests

Michael Hammer is a Research Scientist in the ARL Division of Biotechnology and is director of the University of Arizona Genetics Core (UAGC) facility. He has joint appointments in Departments of Neurology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and is a member of the Steele Children’s Research Center and the Arizona Cancer Center. Dr. Hammer’s research spans the fields of medical genetics and human population genetics. His laboratory has published over 100 articles documenting the African origin of human diversity, interbreeding between modern humans and archaic forms of the genus Homo, and genome diversity in the great apes. His research team has successfully employed next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to discover genetic variants implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders, publishing several articles identifying pathogenic variants associated with early childhood epilepsies. His laboratory also pursues studies to identify modifier genes that alter the expression of major genes and how they contribute to clinical variability in Mendelian disorders. Under Dr. Hammer’s direction the UAGC became a GLP- and CLIA-certified core facility in 2014, offering high complexity genetic testing, including whole genome and exome sequencing, with applications in oncology, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, and pharmacogenomics. Dr. Hammer is co-chair of the Molecular Oncology Tumor Board and is collaborating with Arizona Cancer Center members on a variety of precision oncology projects.