Ligand Discovery


The Ligand Discovery Lab (LDL) is a complex synthetic chemistry and screening facility that supports investigators with substances, libraries and screenings needed for research and education. The LDL produces unique compounds in combinatorial fashion or arrays and the lab’s primary objective is the design, synthesis, purification, characterization, and screening of compound arrays. These compounds can be modified with markers or other non-functional parts for purification, imaging or further conjugation.

The LDL uses the following technologies: solid-phase high-throughput-synthesis (96-well plates), one-bead-one-compound (OBOC) library synthesis, rational design of small molecule ligands, multimeric ligands, peptidomimetics, lanthanide-based time-resolved fluorometry in vivo binding assay, in vivo cell-adhesion-to-bead assay for OBOC library, synthesis of labeled probes (fluorescent, DOTA-Eu), logistics and QC. For more information contact Josef Vagner at (520) 626-4179.