Media Facility


Tucked away in the basement of the BIO5 Institute in the Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch building, the BIO5 Media Facility has grown from its inception in 2007 to serve more than 140 labs and academic units on the UA campus.

This Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) facility maintains high standards of excellence and consistency in preparing research materials for UA researchers. The GLP designation ensures high quality, batch-to-batch reproducibility, complete product documentation, lot traceability and confidence in the facility’s products. Dr. Donna M. Wolk, MHA, PhD, D(ABMM) reports: "The media Dena Yoder creates in the BIO5 Media Facility is actually preferred by my research staff, as its quality is unparalleled among commercial media."

Each day the facility prepares a wide array of products including  microbiological media, buffers, mammalian and insect cell culture media, and plant tissue culture media. Tamara Sprung, Administrative Manager of the BIO5 Media Facility, is always available to discuss and design custom formulations to meet specific research needs.

The BIO5 Media Facility recently became the first UA entity to have a punch-out catalog on the Arizona Buyways purchasing website, giving the researchers and business units on campus the opportunity to purchase from the facility’s catalog, just as they would from a large scientific vendor. The facility offers rapid fulfillment time (48 – 72 hours) and delivery directly to UA departments or the researcher’s laboratory, allowing research to continue uninterrupted work.

“No matter what the researcher needs from us, it has to be the highest quality possible at the absolute best price,” states Yoder.

Read more by visiting the Media Facility website.