Episode 19: Drugging the “undruggable” targets in GI cancers

Tucson native Dr. Rachna Shroff discusses her translational work to treat GI cancers.
Dr. Brittany Uhlorn, BIO5 Institute

Gastrointestinal cancers collectively represent one of the greatest public health challenges, accounting for more than one-quarter of all global cancer cases and more than 35% of all cancer-related deaths. Many of these cancers, including pancreatic and biliary, have been historically hard to treat. Dr. Rachna Shroff, Associate Dean of clinical and translational research and chief of GI medical oncology at the UArizona Cancer Center, discusses her genomic profiling approach to developing personalized treatments for cancer patients. She also shares how she supports other researchers and clinicians in connecting their findings at the bench and bedside to discover new therapies through her role as director of the Arizona Clinical Trials Network.