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Major Initiatives


Diagnostic imaging is a critical area in translational medicine, both for the development of new tools for early diagnosis and treatment of disease, and because it has the potential to stimulate local bioindustry through the development of spinout companies. Read more about BIO5’s imaging initiative.

Translational Sciences

The Translational Sciences initiative at BIO5 serves physician-scientists who are integrating knowledge gained through research with practical application in a clinical setting. Read more about BIO5's translational sciences initiative.


Scientific, biomedical, and engineering research is undergoing a profound transformation with the availability of large-scale, diverse, and high-resolution data sets, and BIO5 is committed to being at the forefront of big data management and analysis. Read more about BIO5’s bioinformatics initiative.

Keep Engaging Youth in Science

The KEYS program offers summer research internships to top performing high school students who have a strong interest in pursuing advanced education and training in the bioscience or biomedical fields. Read more about the KEYS program.

Drug Discovery

BIO5's drug discovery efforts help bridge the gap between academia and industry through collaborative translational research with a common goal of delivering new therapeutics. Read more about BIO5's drug discovery initiative.