Preparing Workforce

BIO5 is a leader in creating hands-on education and workforce development programs that prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We focus on engaging and training our future generations of scientists by designing successful outreach and internship programs to promote experiential learning and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) proficiency.

  • Students working in a lab with UA researcher

    Education and Training

    BIO5 educates thousands of students each year – from high schoolers through post-docs- via internships, research experiences, networking opportunities, skills training, student employment, assistantships, participation on grants, and experience in presenting and publishing.

  • Student talking with industry professionals

    Young Professionals

    BIO5 enables young professionals to explore future career opportunities through programs like the annual Student/Industry Networking Event. At this event, employers talk with students about how to prepare for jobs in industry, business, service organizations, and administration. 

  • High school student presenting a scientific poster

    High School

    Flagship training programs like the KEYS Research Internship have produced outstanding results in building a pipeline of excelling high school students into our state universities. The program has now engaged 526 Arizona high schoolers — at least half of them from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in science careers — through ongoing research projects across the University of Arizona. About 75% of KEYS alumni have chosen to attend college in Arizona, with the majority of those attending UArizona. 

Growing Workforce

BIO5 supports thousands of students each year – from high schoolers through post-docs- with assistantships, wages, scholarships, grants, and research experiences. As a hands-on companion to their classroom and coursework, this training effectively prepares students to join and successfully contribute to the workforce. 

  • A person hand holding a biomedical device

    Spinout Companies

    BIO5’s entrepreneurial scientists work with the UA's Tech Launch Arizona to accelerate commercial translation of research breakthroughs and facilitate connections and collaborations among life scientists, companies, industry, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and economic development organizations.

    BIO5-affiliated researchers and research initiatives have been the catalyst for 45 spinout companies in the last decade, resulting in new technologies, diagnostics, and treatments.


  • a researcher working on a grant

    Seed Grants

    BIO5 competitively awards pilot, seed, and equipment grants each year totaling over $2M in support of catalytic, early-stage research for novel projects in areas like precision healthcare and disease prevention and treatment.